asynchronous interface updates on CentOS 6.4

Rob Greenwood bilco105 at
Wed Apr 17 12:18:07 CEST 2013


I currently have the following bird configuration setup;

# Configure logging
log syslog { info, remote, auth, error, fatal, bug };

# Set the IPv4 router ID
router id <%= router_id %>;

# Configure the kernel protocol (for kernel routes)
protocol kernel {
  persist no;       # Do not persist routes when bird is stopped
  learn no;    # Do not learn alient routes from the kernel
  export all;       # Export all learnt routes to the kernel
  import none;      # Do not import routes from the kernel

# Configure the direct protocol (for device routes)
protocol direct {
  import all;       # Import all directly connected routes into the table
  export none;      # Do not export

# Configure the device
protocol device {
  scan time 120;     # Scan the list of interfaces every 120 seconds

When deleting an IP address from an interface (using ip addr del), the
route is immediately withdrawn (presumably via asynchronous calls to
bird). However, when adding an IP address back to the interface, the
route doesn't appear in bird until the scan time kicks in. Should this
not be asynchronous also?


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