BIRD 1.3.7

Gustavo Ponza g.ponza at
Wed May 9 14:18:15 CEST 2012

Hi Ondrej,
thanks for replying to my msg.

Ondrej Zajicek wrote:

> Yes, Linux 2.4 should work in BIRD. But it is not
> regularly tested.

It seems to me it is working properly :)

> See FAQ for this warning message (Netlink: File exists):

OK, done.

> That is because Linux 2.4 does not have monotonic
> timer. In that case we use standard timer and have
> workarounds for detecting time jumps (e.g. when NTP
> get synchronized) so it should work even in that case.

Very clear.

In the next future, as time permit, could be foreseen,
for a better tuning to 2.4 kernels, the following:

./configure --kernel-24 (or any appropriate switch)

> I do not see any unexpected warnings. Probably it is sufficient to test
> whether new route appears in kernel table and whether disappears when it
> is removed.

Yes, everything it's going OK: the routes are added or
removed as they appear or disappear in the network status.

gus i0ojj

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