FreeBSD bugs ;)

Pawel Tyll ptyll at
Tue Jan 17 14:23:11 CET 2012

> That makes sense for imported/exported counters as that are just
> properties of the protocol. But whether the route is preferred depends
> also in which routing table and we do not count it independently for
> each pair (proto, table).
Maybe an option then, if counting per table is not feasible/wanted for
some reason?

> It would be possible to count that just for directly connected table,
> but the idea is that directly connected table is not any more special
> than any other table that receives the route (and sometimes, like in
> route server setting, where there is more or less one table per BGP
> neighbor, the number of preferred routes in the directly connected table
> is not really relevant). Not to mention it is also counterintuitive
> - if it would show '0 preferred', users would think it is not
> important and can be disabled for import, but it may have many
> preferred routes in many tables (just not in the directly connected).
Well  then,  it would seem to me, like it needs to be shown per table,
or for "show protocols all [some BGP protocol] table table" :)

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