Aggregate outgoing address.

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On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 08:54:46PM +0100, damkol at wrote:
>      See this example:
>      [2]
>      Where two aggregate routes (A.B.C.0/24 and D.E.F.0/24) are
>      exported.
>    Of course i seen this example, but i need to route [3] via
>    and the rest directly connected in this /24 prefix.

In that case you keep the route via in static,
there is no problem with that. You can have both and in the table, also you can have the directly connected subnets
(but as they are usually already provided by OS, so it is usually useless
to have them in BIRD table).

The use of aggregate 'reject' routes is explained in the opening text in
the example, but perhaps not clear enough. (i see that it is not
mentioned in the example that the propagated routes in static_bgp proto
may be aggregates of subnets used in OSPF). I don't really see the
problem with that way in your case. Perhaps if you want to have some kind of dynamic
aggregation, it might be problem.

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