[PATCH] protocol templates

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Wed Nov 2 13:02:31 CET 2011

Op 2-11-2011 12:47, Ondrej Zajicek schreef:
> protocol bgp rr_cl_ft by rr_client_bb {
>    neighbor as 65000;
> }
> (Not being native english speaker i am not sure whether 'by'
> is really the most apt keyword, any comments on that? Perhaps
> 'from'?)
Programming languages tend to use 'inherits' or a colon for inheritance. 
Multiple inheritance or implementation of multiple interfaces can be 
specified using a comma.

protocol bgp rr_cl_ft : rr_client_bb, rr_client_cc {

The patch certainly looks useful. Quagga-like peer groups, but much more 
powerful! Good job, Alexander.


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