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Fedor Dikarev fe at rambler-co.ru
Mon May 2 21:56:20 CEST 2011


I'm very interested in OSPF NSSA: we use it to allow our PC-routers to 
inform CORE-routers about availability of services. We don't want our 
PC-routers to calculate topology, so we have to put them in stub area. 
But we need them to redistribute routes, so it must be NSSA area.

It will be excelent if you'll add support for BFD-protocol. We already 
use separate daemon https://github.com/JakeMont/OpenBFDD but it will be 
nice if all will be inside BIRD.

There is also one BGP NLRI extension: Flow Specification RFC 5575. From 
my point of view it will be good, if you'll support it.

On 02.05.2011 23:53, Ondrej Zajicek wrote:
> Hello
> We (BIRD developers) would like to know which major features you miss in
> BIRD and would like to be implemented. If you have some opinions on that
> issue, please write suggested features together with several sentences
> about why you think that is the feature we should implement or why you
> need that. This inquiry is oriented on long-term, major features, but
> if you have some minor requests, you are also welcome.
> Our current short-term plan is to fix RIP (and multipath for RIP)
> and implement Route Origin Authorization / RPKI drafts for BGP.
> Some examples:
> OSPF opaque LSAs
> .. or some other OSPF extensions
> BGP confederations
> BGP extended communities
> .. or some other BGP extensions
> MRT routing table dumps
> Some monitoring/statistics integration (SNMP, collectd ...)
> Route aggregation engine
> Static routes depedent on ping reachability
> BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)
> Some ad-hoc wireless routing like OSPF MANET or OLSR
> Multicast routing?
> .. or perhaps no new big features, just some more work to already
> implemented areas?
> BTW, from these examples, my personal preference is currently on BFD.

Fedor Dikarev
Rambler Internet Holding

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