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Wed Mar 23 11:04:34 CET 2011

On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 03:13:06PM +0100, Mathias Wolkert wrote:
> Hi
> I have similar issues running bird 1.2.5 on vanilla debian lenny.
> IPv4 wise I assign /32s to individual lo:x instances as service addresses.
> These are showing up in bird.
> IPv6 wise I cannot assign /128s to individual lo:x but to the "real"  
> loopback lo.
> This works fine in quagga.
> These are not showing up in bird.
> If I look at the kernel table from shell with ip -6 route, the /128s are  
> shown as "unreachable" with error -101 but working fine with ping and so 
> on.
> How would I do this "right"?

On Linux, the simplest workaround (for OSPF problem) is just to add the
address to the dummy interface [*] instead of the loopback interface.

But you mentioned iBGP - in current stable version (1.2.5), iBGP
is significantly limited and should be used with one-hop,
directly reachable addresses. For proper iBGP, you should try git
version, or wait for 1.3.0 (which will be probably released 2011-04-01).


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