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Maciej Drobniuch maciej at
Tue Jul 12 12:39:33 CEST 2011

2011/7/12 Marcin Kurek <marcin.kurek at>

> I overlooked a topic by Lars-Johan Liman posted few days ago, sorry.
> There are still no responses, so I guess our questions should be considered
> as "feature request"  ;)
> --
> Kind regards,
> Marcin Kurek
> Hi Marcin,

I've had ported minotaur's bgp summary patch to 1.2.5.
Please see atachement.

bash-3.1# birdc
BIRD 1.2.5 ready.
bird> show bgp summary
Neighbor               ASN (Description,Peer_id) Last state change
Prefixes rcvd/best   State/Last error          65530 12:36               0/0                  Idle

In future please search the whole group before posting a new topic.

Maciej Drobniuch
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