modification request for rs client feature

Arnold Nipper arnold at
Mon Dec 19 10:08:52 CET 2011

Inspired by discussion on "Announce less specific prefix in routeserver
environment for upstream purpose (Message-ID:
<4EEB4448.7070007 at>) I would like to air the idea to modify
the behaviour of BIRD as a route server.

The idea of a route server is that it "... reduces modifications to
advertised route attributes to be transparent (for example does not
prepend its AS number to AS PATH attribute and keeps MED attribute)."

However in case that there is a BGP speaker (gateway GW ) which is in
the same ASN as the RS it is at least necessary to add the own ASN when
announcing prefixes originating in the ASN.

Hence I would like to propose to modify

 do not prepend own AS number


 do not prepend owwn AS number except for prefixes learnt from iBGP

Does that make sense?

Best regards,
Arnold Nipper / nIPper consulting, Sandhausen, Germany
email: arnold at      phone: +49 6224 5593407 2
mobile: +49 152 53717690     fax:   +49 6224 5593407 9

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