Announce less specific prefix in routeserver environment for upstream purpose

Stefan Jakob stefan.jakob at
Fri Dec 16 14:14:48 CET 2011

Dear Bird Users,

I have the following setup:

Peer1 - AS65001
Peer2 - AS65002

RS - AS65123
GW - AS65123

All are connected via a layer 2 infrastructure and share next hop
addresses out of a /22. This /22 is part of a /20.

RS works as a routeserver with "rs client" in the protocol definition of
Peer1, Peer2.

My goal is, to announce the /20 over  GW to the routeservers GW hasn't
the "rs client" option set but "gateway direct".

To solve the iBGP and empty AS path of GW, I want to prepend AS65123 for
all GW incoming prefixes, so that the as path isn't empty.

Do you expect this as a working design to announce the /20 from GW via
RS to the peers?

Rgds, Stefan

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