Routing for VPN network

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at
Sun Apr 3 18:09:55 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm using 'bird' to announce some prefixes for the anycast DNS servers for the NTP Pool system.  It's working great and I really enjoy how straightforward the configuration is.

We're planning to make the DNS servers (about ~18 currently) all connect to two out of three "master nodes"; probably one in Europe and one in western and one in eastern United States.

For another similar VPN network I use BGP with private ASN's for the routing; but for this project each site is generally just one  or two actual servers, so allocating a private ASN and all that seems extra tedious.

Would it make sense to use OSPF for this instead?  My only experience with OSPF is setting it up between routers in one site so they know how to get to the 'next hop' of routes coming in and shared via BGP/IBGP.

I've also been considering just running IPv6 on the VPN instead; but I have even less experience with OSPFv3.  :-)

Any advice?

  - ask

Ask Bjørn Hansen,

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