How to add IPv6 support?

Arnold Nipper arnold at
Wed Sep 29 21:25:54 CEST 2010

On 29.09.2010 21:16 Christoph Biedl wrote

> I don't see a single bit about this in the documentation ...
> For quite some time bird served me very well for dynamic routing 
> within a small network using the BGP method. Until the day when I 
> wanted to enable IPv6 on all routers.
> The Debian distribution ships two packages, bird and bird6, and as
> far as I can see the only difference is the latter was compiled using
> the --enable-ipv6 option.
> Now what am I supposed to do?
> Is bird6 supposed to do _all_ the work, v4 and v6?

no, it's for v6 _only_!

> If yes, is it a feature bird6 cannot handle IPv4 addresses in the bgp
> "neighbor" statement (yields "syntax error")? Prefixing into a v6
> address using '::ffff:' survives the parser, but these addresses are
> not routed.
> Or should I really start bird6 as a second routing daemon to handle 
> the IPv6 prefixes?


> This is silly since this means duplication of the configuration file
> and all the peer detection and route switching is not synchronized.

Oh I would call it silly. From a protocol point of view, IPv6 has
nothing to do with IPv4.

> What magic did I miss?

Well, no magic at all. Simply use bird for IPv4 and bird6 for IPv6.
Works like a charm ;-)

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