bird6.conf & Router ID

Piotr Iwanejko p.iwanejko at
Thu Nov 25 12:20:21 CET 2010

Wiadomość napisana przez Matthias Waehlisch w dniu 2010-11-25, o godz. 11:46:
> Hi all,


>  just a quite stupid question but I'm struggling with the bird6 
> configuration. I want to configure the router ID as follows:
> --snip--
> router id 2a00:cd0:1000:47::2;
> --snap--
>  But the error message "Router IDs must be entered as hexadecimal 
> numbers or IPv4 addresses in IPv6 version" appears. Using an embedded 
> IPv4 address does not work, as well. It is BIRD 1.2.3.

Try this way:

router id x.x.x.x;
listen bgp address x:x:x::x:x:x port 179;

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