choice version (ubuntu 10.04 LTS) native or ppa/latest greatest ?

Arjan Filius iafilius at
Tue May 25 15:46:02 CEST 2010


i'm configuring 2 ubuntu 10.05 LTS bgp (production) servers for eBGP/iBGP 
standard bird version is : 1.1.5-1

i saw there are quite some newer version already, and even a ppa version 
is created on
latest version there  	 1.2.2-1~lucid+1 
which is also the latest on

as the 1.1.5-1 is almost a year old i can imagine it is preferred to have 
a later version installed.

has  anyone an (strong) opininion/advice what to take for a new bgp setup?


Arjan Filius
mailto:iafilius at

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