mask problem

Jaroslav Jirásek jirasek at
Sun Aug 15 20:55:59 CEST 2010

Hi, I have pc router with bird and mikrotik router, ospf routing is 
configured and working.
On mikrotik router I have in log message with every received hello packet 
"mismatch in network
mask - mine, remote"

This messages appears when I have on pc router two IP adress on one 
- one is public 77.x.x.x/30, second is privat .When I remove 
ip adress, then messages in mikrotik routers disappears.

there is a part of bird.conf

interface "vlan10" {
                        cost 10;
                        priority 1;
                        authentication none;
                        type nonbroadcast;
                        strict nonbroadcast yes;
                        neighbors { 77.x.x.x; };
                        poll 10;
                        retransmit 5;
                        transmit delay 1;
                        hello 10;
                        dead 40;
                        wait 40;

Thank you for hint

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