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Mon Apr 26 20:25:19 CEST 2010

On 26.4.2010 18:34, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>> On 26.4.2010 17:50, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
>>> Arnold Nipper <arnold at> wrote on 2010/04/26 17:40:51:
>>>> On 26.04.2010 17:06 Joakim Tjernlund wrote
>>>>> OK, but it would be handy if I could config log files from there.
>>>> BIRD is like a racing car whereas you are talking about a Mercedes-Benz
>>>> S-type ... you see the difference?
>>> :)
>>> Seriously, is there any fundamental reason one cannot configure
>>> all aspects from a CLI(I am assuming that no one has cared enough to impl.
>> it in BIRD CLI yet)?
>> I am afraid it would be very complicated to write things like:
>> ---
>> function bgp_out(int peeras)
>> {
>>   if ! (source = RTS_BGP ) then return false;
>>   if (0,peeras) ~ bgp_community then return false;
>>   if (myas,peeras) ~ bgp_community then return true;
>>   if (0, myas) ~ bgp_community then return false;
>>   return true;
>> }
>> ---
>> From CLI. The philosophy of BIRD's configuration is quite CLI unfriendly.
>>> I ask because I would like to configure some(if not everything) from our
>>> app with its own CLI/GUI.
>> People usually generate config file and than load it to BIRD. BIRD has
>> quite smart reconfiguration so it is able to see the differences.
> Not quite up to speed on how CLI and configuration manager works but it would be
> useful if one could open an socket and send a new config file.

That is currently not supported, but BIRD can read configuration from
a given file.

> Even better if one could read the current configuration in some form, make changes to it and
> write it back. I am assuming this config would be some binary format and I have no problem
> if it changes from release to release.

That would be possible, but as I said, from CLI configuration you
wouldn't be able to use all BIRD features. And also binary config dump
does not make sense for me. as an operator would like to see what
config is currently running.


>       Jocke

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