OSPF performance/SPF calculations

Andrew Lemin andrew.lemin at monitorsoft.com
Mon Apr 26 15:32:09 CEST 2010

Yes it quite possible that bird does use netlink directly. Regardless I think the issue is still related to the fact that a multipath route needs to be added with a single statement and not by adding separate single route statements.

Regarding the error. I cannot say why it is not there, it is not a problem however. I am not a developer.

Thanks again. Andy.

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Andrew Lemin <andrew.lemin at monitorsoft.com> wrote on 2010/04/26 12:14:52:
> Hello.
> Yes, I believe the changes should not be that difficult.
> For example, by simply creating two separate 'RIP protocol' instances which
> listen on different external interfaces, I can get bird's internal core
> routing table to show all the multiple routing 'options' for common remote subnets etc.
> I imagine the initial fix would be quite simple as it appears to just require
> a change to the 'kernel protocol' export filter;
> Instead of updating the kernel routing table by iteratively running individual
> 'ip route add ....' commands for each of the bird route table entries, the
> kernel protocol filter should read each route entry from its bird routing
> table, then search for any other matching routes before finally running a
> single 'ip route add .... nexthop ....' command which includes each of the
> routeing options.

BIRD is using "ip route" to configure routes? I figured BIRD used netlink

> Extract of 'ip route' from our Securepoint firewall;
> # ip route
> .
> .
> .
> via dev eth2  proto bird
> via dev eth2  proto bird
> via dev eth3  proto bird
> via dev eth3  proto bird
> via dev eth3  proto bird
> via dev eth2  proto bird
> via dev eth2  proto bird
> via dev eth3  proto bird
> via dev eth2
> via dev eth3  proto bird
> via dev eth1
> default
>         nexthop via  dev eth2 weight 1
>         nexthop via  dev eth3 weight 2
> #
> causes the following error;
> <ERR> KRT: Mysterious route with no OIF (

I can't even find that error msg in BIRD sources.

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