Very simple bird.conf

Chris Webb chris at
Wed Apr 14 15:30:50 CEST 2010

Ondrej Zajicek <santiago at> writes:

> No, it is OK. BIRD just internally tried to export every route in the
> table to every protocol and the BGP protocol internally rejects all
> routes that were generated by the protocol itself (this is the counter
> named 'rejected'). One route is filtered by the filter and one route is
> finally exported to the BGP neighbor (assume it is  from direct
> protocol).

Ah, great, okay. You're right that I was worried that 'rejected' was telling
me that they were being exported over BGP and rejected by the remote peer.

I presume that even if I had lots of other routes coming in from another BGP
peer, they wouldn't have been exported anyway because I export filtered out
everything except with the export where net=
line in the bgp protocol block?

> One thing that is a bit strange on your setting is that you export
> a prefix from a local interface (from a direct protocol) to a BGP
> neighbor. Usually, there are configured static routes (from a static
> protocol) containing aggregated prefixes which are exported to a BGP
> neighbor.

Yes, would replacing direct { } with

  static {
    route via;
    route via "eth0";

be more idiomatic here?



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