Very simple bird.conf

Chris Webb chris at
Wed Apr 14 12:33:31 CEST 2010

I'm trying to replace a quagga daemon doing an extremely simple bgp peering
with an upstream with bird 1.2.2. I have it working, but I'm not sure it's
quite set up correctly. My config is

  router id;

  protocol device {

  protocol direct {

  protocol kernel {
    import all;
    export all;

  protocol bgp {
    local as 44934;
    neighbor as 25577;
    import all;
    export where net =;

I'll need additional internal peerings later, but I just want to get the
simplest possible config correct first!

When I do birdc show protocols all, it includes:

  bgp1     BGP      master   up     10:56       Established   
    Preference:     100
    Input filter:   ACCEPT
    Output filter:  <NULL>
    Routes:         311380 imported, 1 exported, 311380 preferred
    Route change stats:     received   rejected   filtered    ignored   accepted
      Import updates:         334136          0          0       7828     326308
      Import withdraws:         1756          0        ---          0       1756
      Export updates:         326310     326308          1        ---          1
      Export withdraws:         1756        ---        ---        ---          0
    BGP state:          Established
      Session:          external
      Neighbor AS:      25577
      Neighbor ID:
      Neighbor address:
      Nexthop address:
      Source address:
      Neighbor caps:    refresh
      Hold timer:       153/180
      Keepalive timer:  33/60

I think this means I've got the export filter wrong somehow and am trying to
re-export the routes I get in from my upstream. (Perhaps they're going bgp ->
kernel -> bgp?)

Best wishes,


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