BIRD in OpenWRT - patch

Jann Traschewski jann at
Mon Nov 16 16:20:55 CET 2009


works fine here on a fresh checkout of OpenWRT Kamikaze 8.09.1.

Maybe you want to add this to the bird4{6} Makefile:

define Package/$(PKG_NAME)/conffiles

This will prevent the conffile to be overwritten on an update.

Further I wonder whether you need the subdir 'net' in
"packages/net/bird/Makefile" ? I found all my packages directly in
'packages/<pkgname>'. But I might be wrong.


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> Hello
> Here is a patch for building BIRD in OpenWRT buildsystem.
> I hope it will be merged to OpenWRT soon.
> (package names are bird4, birdc4, bird6 and birdc6, not just bird).
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