problems: bird on ulibc openwrt with ospf

Thomas Osterried thomas-birdlist at
Fri Nov 6 14:03:08 CET 2009


> this is not related to bird,
> just want to know how you are able to get two channels on the wrt54g,
> im about to obtain one in a few days and was under the impression that
> it's card supports only 2.4 ghz.

I'll make it short here. The rest could be discussed in a private thread.

I'm member of a non-commercial ISP (Club Individual Network Berlin e.V., 
AS29670); we offer Internetaccess and -services for private persons, clubs and
In the street Lehrterstr. in Berlin we have built up a public access WLAN,
and our users can use a pptp or openvn tunnel to gain access to the internet.

WLAN 2.4GHz becomes overcrowded, as you may already noticed. The house we
like to mordernize the equipment has a linksys WRT54GL. Inhouse we have
classic TP ethernet to the apartments, connected to the 4-port switch of the
linksys AP.
Our improvement will be, that we add an ubiquiti Nanostation5 to the
WAN port of the linksys router (the NS5 is configured as WDS bridge - that
means that the remote side looks as directly connected).
This way we could use the new 5GHz link, and we still have the builtin
2.4GHz card in the linksys AP being active.
With bird/OSPF the priority will be on the 5GHz link, and if it fails,
we have the old 2.4GHz link as fallback.

I'm not a fan of routing protocols like OLSR. That's why I'd like to deploy
bird for our project.

	- Thomas Osterried

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