SNMP monitoring

David J Craigon david at
Tue Nov 17 18:46:53 CET 2009


a) I'm trying to monitor bird via SNMP so I can put it into Nagios. I want
alerts to go off when a routing protocol session goes down, or if I am
receiving not an defined number of routes. Any ideas?

b) With the aim of achieving a) I am trying to write something automatic
using birdc:

Basically I'm trying run birdc from a program. The program will type
commands into birdc, then act on the information.

Here is my problem. You can recreate it by doing "birdc > file" and then
examining file afterwards. Here's what I got:


BIRD 1.1.4 ready.
bird> show protocols
bird> ^M^[[Kname     proto    table    state since  info
bgp_export Static   master   up    Oct18
direct1  Direct   master   up    Oct18
kernel1  Kernel   master   up    Oct18
device1  Device   master   up    Oct18
ebgp     BGP      master   up    Nov13  Established
bogons   Static   master   down  Nov12
rip1     RIP      master   up    Nov12
ibgp     BGP      master   up    Nov16  Established
bird> exit


What's with the bird> ^M^[[K bit? I'm guessing it brings it back to the
beginning of the line. Why does it do this?

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