ipv6 support

Martin Kraus martin.kraus at wujiman.net
Mon Mar 16 02:49:31 CET 2009

hi. since bird is resurected, is there any plan to do something with ipv6
support? I haven't managed to get it working with rip and as I understand it,
there's not ipv6 support for ospf(v3 I think). Since there's new phobia about
running out of ipv4 address pool, this may start to be a problem, not to
mention that we can't start migration and testing of ipv6 if bird doesn't support it.

This lack of support may also hinder newcomers who are looking for a dynamic
routing daemon. And it would be nice to see more people using bird since I
have to say that despite the bugs(at least in 1.0.11 that we've been using for
years) I'm satisfied with bird as it it simple to configure and manage.


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