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On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 10:34:03AM +0200, Wolfgang Hennerbichler wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry if this question has been asked 100times before, but I didn't find 
> a mailing list archive. We (VIX, ACOnet) are taking a look at BIRD within 
> the following months to use it for various purposes. One of the 
> requirements though (and unfortunately) is to support md5 passwords. I 
> know bird is capable of doing this but as far as my understanding goes 
> this is something the operating system has to support, too. I know linux 
> does now have native md5+tcp support in the kernel. Is this supported 
> with BIRD? If so, does anybody have a hint for me how to use it (for not 
> having to reinvent the wheel) on linux-side?

Just use option 'password' in BGP protocol configuration section.
Linux kernel is configured by BIRD automatically.
You have to use pretty recent kernel, with enabled CONFIG_TCP_MD5SIG,
but kernels from current distributions should be enough.

> Is there a wiki (other than 
> euro-ix which I know of) where I could add precious information regarding 
> my work with bird?

There is documentation at

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