how to filterout private ip ranges

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On Thu, Jul 02, 2009 at 10:29:19PM +0200, Martin Kraus wrote:
> hi. I'm trying to filter out  private ip ranges from ospf. I've defined filter:


> on this router shows only public ip prefixes. however on the neighbouring router I
> still get the private routes:
>      dev tap_infonet [ospf1 22:20] I (150/10)
>    via on tap_infonet [ospf1 22:21] I (150/20)
>      via on tap_infonet [ospf1 22:21] I (150/20)


> what bothers me is that using show route with the defined filter works right.
> is there something I'm doing wrong?

It is answered in my answer to your previous mail:

Another change is that 'secondary' address ranges are now by default propagated
as stub networks (You can change it using 'stubnet' option). If you propagated
that address through OSPF, you probably exported it to OSPF as external route,
which is not needed now.

So you probably would like to add something like:

stubnet { hidden; summary; }

to your OSPF configuration.

In current version, these stub networks are generated directly by OSPF
protocol and therefore are not filtered by export filter.

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