BGP Reconfiguration

Wolfgang Hennerbichler wh at
Thu Jul 9 11:31:44 CEST 2009

Hi folks,

after reading the whole documentation nearly twice, I configured some  
stuff with BGP and so far it looks quite nice. I really like the  
verbosity of bird, it totally tells me what's going on, this is really  
nice. One thing I don't like that much is that it seems that I don't  
have a chance to reconfigure ONE BGP neighbour without dropping the  
BGP sessions to all other neighbors.
I'm altering the config-file for a specific BGP neighbor and after  
that I am issueing
 > configure soft
from the birdc-shell. This drops the BGP connections to ALL neighbors.  
This is not ideal as I would like to use bird also a route-server on  
our internet-exchange. Of course this problem can be overcome by using  
two route-server instances, but this is not really satisfying (and IXP  
customers might not really like the fact that every new customer  
causes BGP drops). I understand that if I just tweak the filters no  
sessions are dropped.
Do the developers think there is a fair chance to fix that?

Furthermore, is there something like BGP soft reconfiguration (inbound/ 
outbound) for a specific peer?

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