ipv6 rip, ospf over ipsec

Martin Kraus martin.kraus at infonet.cz
Sat Jun 28 13:35:54 CEST 2008

Hi. I've got actually two questions. 
First, has anybody had any success running ipv6 rip with bird?
I can't seem to get bird to accept rip packets on ipv6 multicast. I see both
instances sending rip packets and I can see them on the incoming interfaces but bird
doesn't get routes into it's inner routing table.

Second, I'd like to run ospf over an ipv4 ipsec tunnel. Since I have to setup
an interface, I thought of using dummy interfaces, but bird returns err=101
when sending ospf hello and I can't see any packets leaving the outward
interface. Is there any way to get it working? 

thanks for your help

printk(KERN_DEBUG "adintr: Why?\n");

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