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Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Feb 7 22:44:23 CET 2005

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005, Savino Rapillo wrote:

> Hi All
> I'm new in this list, and I'm very sorry to bother you with this question
> anyway if someone has already met it I'll be glad to learn something new.
> bird seams to be really disturbed by a change in date/time
> I have a net of linux box linked via WiFi and, of course, their routing 
> table are handled with bird (ospf). We are using version 1.0.7 (but with 
> the 1.0.9 that problem is still there). Well, when there is a change in 
> date/time (set via ntpd or manual), bird seems to lock in a state 
> insane. What I can see is that the routing tables are removed and the 
> only thing that can restart the job seems to be a kill of bird.
> I have some idea of what can appen to bird timers when someone plays 
> with "date" but I wander if someone can suggest some smart idea (or can 
> confirm that there is nothing to do) to work around the problem.

Hello Savino,
hmm, that is a real problem. BIRD does not expect any system time changes. 
There are 2 way how to solve it:

1) Write a patch into BIRD
2) Use some NTP client able of seamless synchronization (I can't remember 
but I hope I heard about some.)

Variant 1) is not trivial and as this is not very hot topic, I don't think 
I'd change it very quickly. So please try to find some 2).


> Thank you
>            Savino

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