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>   i've got stability issues with bird. i talked with feela, he told me
> there are some problems with stability, that bird crashes once in about 3
> weeks...
> is anyone using successfully bird in production environment at least on a
> small network (what i need for now is really just two routers running
> bird, two routers running gated and couple of other routers throught
> static routing) or are these stability issues affecting everyone?
> what i remember is that bird crashed hard when using
> show route filter { if net ~ .... etc. through birdc, than it crashed
> when adding a static route and configure/restart static1.
> i also noticed, that the ospf module just stops sending out helo packets
> from time to time, and only thing that helps is a complete restart of
> bird...
> i would just like to know if there is a way to get bird working reliably
> to some  extent or if it's still just beta for fun only.

Just wanted to offer that we run bird on Linux with 100% stability. 150 
days of runtime with no routing table strangeness on one system.

I think the main issue may be that we use bird only with RIP and kernel 
routes. We do not run OSPF. We do however, have route filters (like "import 
where net ~ ...") on imports and exports (which seemed like it was one of 
your questions).

Given the perfect reliability of bird on our similarly-sized network and 
your poor reliability, I wonder if the OSPF protocol is the issue. Not that 
this helps you if you need OSPF, but maybe it provides someone some focus.

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