"RTD_NETWORK: variable expected." in filtering according to dest

Martin Kraus martin.kraus at infonet.cz
Thu Aug 25 16:14:29 CEST 2005

  i'd like to filterout routes to local networks when exporting routes from
bird to kernel table.( when playing around with it, bird once updated local network
routes in kernel and that broke down ospf, which stopped sending hello packets)
i hoped to use dest=RTD_NETWORK but i get following:

bird> show route where dest=RTD_NETWORK
RTD_NETWORK: variable expected.

i could use
bird> show route where dest!=RTD_ROUTER   dev eth2 [direct1 Aug19] (240)
                   dev eth2 [ospf1 Aug19] I (150/10)

to get what i need, but it will break in the future if i get routes with other
any idea what i'm doing wrong? i don't see anything wrong with it, besides
that it doesn't work:)

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