Propagating my IPs via BGP

Michal Kurka Michal.Kurka at
Wed Sep 22 11:04:29 CEST 2004

    I'm assuming that this list is in English only (no czech).
    I use Bird for BGP-routing. I need to propagate to my ISP a new
IP-segment (e.g. newly assigned by RIPE. My config-file

log "/var/log/bird.log" all;

protocol kernel {
  scan time 20;
  learn off;
  export all;

protocol device {
  scan time 10;

protocol bgp {
  local as $MY_AS;
  neighbor $ISP_PEER as $ISP_AS;
  export all;

I assigned IP to an eth-device (direction to LAN) and I
expected that Bird make scan a device and take an IP to BGP. But my ISP
says that nothing received. Where have I a mistake?

Thanks for answer.
Michal Kurka - Mysak
spravce serveru ''

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