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I can not to answer on this question becouse I am not a author of this
patch :-). Author says nothing long time about my ask to post this
patch. I think becous in filter we have all filter posabilities to
deside which realm we want to give to this route. Realms by their nature
are the static thing and routes are dynamic so Alexander Zakharov (patch
author) had deside to use filter features and not to do any new  another
"cool features".

I only know that he wroute patch for his own needs, but it was my idea
to count traffic by the realms: all is fan but outgoing taffic is
wrongly counted. Forwarding traffic is counted like iproute2 docs tell,
incomming is too, but outgoing is counted to realm "cosmos" or to
another srtange place (I don't remember, it was 1 year ago). So I and
Alexander have find another ways to count traffic, but patch was written
and You can see it.

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> May be someone interesting in this patch and not good example of 
> configuration ? :-)

I would be interested in adding support for realms to the next release,

Is there any reason why you define an extra filter for processing of
realms and not make them just another read-write extended attribute of
the routes, which would by processed by the already existing
input/output filter mechanism?

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