Print function

Zharovtsev, Anton warm at
Thu May 27 06:25:35 CEST 2004

Hi friends.

Today I have diside to fix some RIP with our clients (in my company) and
I find that I can not find any messages from print function called from
filters. First I hav tried to find host sending me RIP with wrong
routes. I tried:

bird> show route table master where from !=    via on eth0 [TestRIP 11:23] (120/2)        dev lo [direct1 May15] (240)      dev eth0 [direct1 May15] (240)   dev eth0 [direct1 May15] (240)     dev eth0 [direct1 May19] (240)     dev eth0 [direct1 May15] (240)
                   via on eth0 [TestRIP 11:23] (120/2)

And that was all about routes.

How can I see "from" of this routes ?

Then I tried to write filter which must print "from" but any my filters
prints nothing, for example:

bird> show route table master filter {print "qqqqq";}

Where should I find "qqqqq" ? :-)

Any ideas ?

Best regards.

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