Bird-1.0.9 vs Quagga (ex zebra) in a OSPF network

Damjan gdamjan at
Tue Aug 10 16:26:39 CEST 2004

> > well, I've managed to overcome the problem by commenting out line 51 in
> > proto/ospf/hello.c (that line "return"s if hello options mismatch).
> > (this trick was suggested by you).
> > 
> > One of the Cisco routers is sending packets that Bird doesn't know how
> > to handle (by default), so Bird was not communicating with it. 
> > Now its ok.
> Great. So there is no problem?

Well there's no problem now, after patching Bird. 
But the stock bird would not work with some Cisco equipment.

Either this issues should be researched better and a proper sollution
found or a temporary "--enable-cisoc-hack" to ./configure should be
added that will skip that "return" on line 51 in proto/ospf/hello.c.

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