Two BGP instances

Damjan gdamjan at
Sun Aug 8 10:42:41 CEST 2004

I have Bird running BGP with two peers, and I have two "static"
protocols with several routes in them. This is abbreviaded example:

protocol static pool1 {

protocol static pool2 {

protocol bgp bgp1 {
 ...BGP setup for peer1...

protocol bgp bgp2 {
 ...BGP setup for peer2...

Now I have two questions...

Q1: I tried to put pool1 and bgp1 in a separate bird route table, by adding
"table table1;" in them, and pool2 and bgp2 in table2. But with that
config it seems Bird didn't anounce anything via BGP.

Q2: Even better would be if I could make a filter, in the BGP protocols,
to find out which static protocol the route has come from, so that I can
bgp_path.prepend my AS on routes from pool1 going out to peer2, and on
routes from pool2 going out to peer1. But I don't know how to make the
condition? if source = "pool1" ?

damjan | дамјан
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