Bird-1.0.9 vs Quagga (ex zebra) in a OSPF network

Ondrej Filip feela at
Mon Aug 2 18:36:26 CEST 2004

On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Damjan wrote:


> My network has several Cisco routers, several Linux routers and my
> workstation is on the same network. The Linux routers have Quagga
> installed, but on my computer I test both wiht Bird and Quagga.
> The problem is that Quagga receives all he routes published by the Cisco
> routers, while Bird doesn't.
> Even more interesting, from two Cisco routers bird doesn't receive any
> routes, but from one of the Ciscos bird receives 65 routes while Quagga
> receives 87 routes.

Please, can you send me some more information? Some map of network 
topology, some 'show ospf' from BIRD and 'show ip ospf database' from 
Cisco and Zebra etc?

Or can I have some access tou your network?



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