Routes aggregation

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For example I get, 217.29.81/24, and Each subnet should be route to its own gateway. I redistribute this routes and I want redistribute their by aggregated blocks : and becouse they both (or four not aggregated) are routed though me for my customers :-). Customers want to get routes to know subnets for which traffic is very chip. As I said befor 130-150 routes can be aggregated to 20-50 - depends on weather ;-).

It is not a real problem for to have 150 routes, but my customers ask me to reduce numbers of routes. Finaly I can stand them befor the fact of 150 routes, but I try to find more clever way.

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On Fri, 23 Apr 2004, Zharovtsev, Anton wrote:

> Have anyone some ideas how to aggregate routes ?
> May be it possible whith a filter ?
I guess so.
> ip ro sh | wc -l
> 157
> And I want redistribute their aggregated. I don't know how.

I didn't catch this what's wrong with routes?

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