Status of bird project

Zharovtsev, Anton warm at
Fri Apr 16 04:11:36 CEST 2004


I have some questions about bird status.

1. Is a project alive ? Gated is dead, zebra is unstable (IMHO - I don't like zebra), quagga is strange fork from zebra. Is only bird for linux and its several routing tables support.
May be I forget some routing daemon ? What else is created specialy for linux ?

2. Are the any plans to include realms support ? (I have a patch from my friend, but friend is lazy and he has stoped developing this patch)

3. Bird does not configure whith a linux-2.6.x kernel headers (I try 2.6.4 and 2.6.5 but it seems that all 2.6.x hase the same result) 

checking protocols... ok
checking for linux/rtnetlink.h... no
configure: error: Appropriate version of Linux kernel headers not found.

How to fix this ? linux/rtnetlink.h is in its place ...

I have tried to generate a new configure, but I could not. Usualy some projects have a whitch deals whith auto-tools and other prepearing things ...

4. After full upgrade my Slackware to Slackware-current bird does not compile even whith 2.4.25 kernel headers

m4 -P ../../conf/gen_parser.m4 ../../conf/confbase.Y ../../sysdep/unix/config.Y ../../sysdep/unix/krt.Y ../../sysdep/linux/netlink/netlink.Y  ../../nest/config.Y ../../filter/config.Y ../../proto/bgp/config.Y ../../proto/ospf/config.Y ../../proto/pipe/config.Y ../../proto/rip/config.Y ../../proto/static/config.Y >cf-parse.y
bison -bcf-parse -dv -pcf_  cf-parse.y
cf-parse.y:1407.2: syntax error, unexpected "|"
cf-parse.y:1435.3: syntax error, unexpected "|"
make[3]: *** [] Ошибка 1

I think this is new auto-tool or some thing else (I am not a programmer :-))

Can You help me ?

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