Gordon Henderson gordon at
Wed Nov 12 10:42:59 CET 2003

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003, Yury Bokhoncovich wrote:

> We've got BIRD running for 3 months uptime with 1 peer, then (read: one
> day before yesterday) I reboot the host due to maintainance operation.
> Not yet 2nd peer up, I'll try it ASAP.
> BIRD eats near 15MB total and 14MB RSS for full-view BGP stream with one
> peer (approx. 126000 routes in the system).
> There was a little glitch with our gibberish config 'cos we also make use
> 2 non-BGP links and policy routing for them (ip ro, ip ru) on E1 trunk.
> BIRD had catched one link right and had got stuck on 2nd link
> (i.e. the system had partially wrong routing).
> After killing and restarting BIRD all became OK.
> Sorry, we have no experience with OSPF/RIP. We just have migrated from our
> Cisco 3620 to a more affordable PC-router (IBM x305) and seems to be
> happy.

I'm looking at 2 upstreams (provisioned over Ethernet, b/w throttled by
the upstream ISP to "E1" initially) with full BGP peering. Might dabble
with OSPF for internal stuff (not decided yet) for a small (but expanding)
community broadband project, routers running Linux. (2GHz Athlon/256MB
RAM, boot from flash)


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