Analog of "network" command

Yury Bokhoncovich byg at
Wed Aug 20 07:07:25 CEST 2003


On Tue, 19 Aug 2003, Eric Leblond wrote:

> > Aha, I did catch this, ok, thanx. But I am unable to catch how to define 
> > one static route to announce worldwide via BGP (our IP block) and to deny 
> > this for another one 'cos it belongs to my ISP PA block.
> I did not really understand what you mean.
> Or you can split your statics route to omit the ISP PA block.

Now my turn to not understand you.:)
Docs lack description of this trick so I'm fully unaware about how to 
do it.

> Or you can create a more complex filter :
> if (source=RTS_STATIC  ) then { if ( net ~ MYSIPNET/TADA ) then reject; else accept; }
> This exclude you ISP block

OK, I had been tried the latter before sending my last message but I miss 
the prefix so "in range" operator did not work. Now BIRD seems to be up.

Thanks you very much to point this!
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