OSPF and IPv6

Martin Mares mj at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Tue Feb 27 12:20:57 CET 2001


> So, you call protocols outside world? Did i understand correctly?

No, I call everything outside BIRD the "outside world".
> Your point of view is developer's. You see "core" routing table as a
> main part of bird. But as a user I see protocols as a main part of
> bird.

No, my point of view is user's -- I see bird as a single entity and I don't
look at its internals. By exporting I mean sending from bird to other
routers via the protocol instance we're just configuring. No need to
distinguish which part of bird is the "inside" and which is "outside"
-- all parts are "inside".

(If you omit several subtleties of where several route attributes
originate, the "routing table vs. protocols" and "bird vs. rest of world"
views are equivalent, so I have chosen the naming wrt. the latter model
which is by far more obvious for the user.)
> PS: is that list who sends your letter to me and copy to the list, or
> is that you?

It's me as I want my reply to reach both you and the list (and I was unsure
whether you are subscribed in the list or not), but I thought the list is
able to optimize out the extra copy which it doesn't seem to do (hmm,
Yet Another Majordomo Patch to come :-) ).

				Have a nice fortnight
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