memory leak bird

Martin Mares mj at
Sun Jun 18 22:38:32 CEST 2000


> there is definitly a memory leak in Bird - After starting it uses
> approx 500K - After a couple of days we are running at ~30MB :)
> mgr1:~# ps auxw | grep bird
> root      1961  0.0 22.3 29556 28416 ?       S    Jun15   2:26 /usr/sbin/bird
> mgr1:~# date
> Sun Jun 18 18:03:49 UTC 2000
> This is only Rip, Direct, Kernel, Device

Are you compiling BIRD with any debugging switches? If you do, it probably gets
linked with either libefence or libdmalloc which really doesn't free memory.
If you don't, can you try running bird with `-D somefile' and sending a
`dump res' command to it soon after start and after a hour or so of work?

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