code change to prevent crash in rt-attr.c

Steve Atkinson Steve.Atkinson at
Wed Jan 27 15:26:09 CET 2016


We have a port of bird for a powerpc based Znyx ( ZX6000 ATCA Layer 3 Switch.

We have discovered that the current mainline cores while processing rt-attr.c function rta_lookup(),  we have traced this back to a uninitialized stack variable in linux/netlink.c function nl_parse_route().

The addition of

memset(&ra, 0, sizeof(ra));

Just after the creation of ra,  was enough to prevent the crash.


PS Apologize for not attaching a patch, but our code tree has many unwanted changes port to ZX6000 which is stuck on gcc-2.95.3 and glibc-2.1.3

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