BIRD and ECMP on Linux seems flaky

Arno Töll arno.toell+bird at
Tue Jan 19 16:11:10 CET 2016


On Tuesday 12 January 2016 00:09:34 Wilco Baan Hofman wrote:

> In this case, the API is not symmetrical. You can set routes via the
> multipath structures, but the Linux kernel splits this up into separate
> routes internally, because with IPv6 you can now have multiple routes to
> the same destination that are not linked together (why? Maybe to
> remove/add one of the nexthops independently or something).

arguably I think bird should adapt to whatever the public APIs of
Linux provide, and not the other way around as long as Linux is a
supported platform to bird.

This makes me wonder if you guys would accept patches working around
this asymmetry for ECMP route in bird in order to have compliant ECMP
support in bird for IPv6 based on Ondrej Z.'s patch?  If so, do you
have any constraints? What about bird 2?

(sorry for the bounce Ondrej.)

Arno Töll
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