old tools

Robert Scheck bird at robert-scheck.de
Sat Dec 31 18:18:22 CET 2016

On Thu, 29 Dec 2016, Alexander Lazarev wrote:
> Tools in package are dated 2009, and there's no checking of aarch64
> platform. But there is in last version of script.

Sounds like an ancient version of autoconf/automake is used to generate the
BIRD releases, possibly Debian old-stable?

> P.S. But not sure if your packages was meant to be used on CentOS 7. I
> realized that when I wasn't able to find systemd init script after
> package installation. :D

While BIRD does not ship any systemd unit file, it does not seem to ship an
initscript either. But given you are a user of CentOS 7, I wonder why you
are not using the RPM package from EPEL 7 for aarch64 (which includes these
systemd unit files). If the BIRD version there is too old, it would make
IMHO sense to file a feature request for a BIRD version bump there.


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