OSPF socket error on "bge0" invalid argument

David S. david at zeromail.us
Sat Dec 31 16:05:08 CET 2016

Hi Ondrej,

I already tried to change the configuration use broadcast on routera and
routerb but still same. I use tcpdump as your advice and I can't find any
ospf hello packets that sent to neighbor or router it self, here is my step:

1. on routera (, do:
    - tcpdump -vvXn -i bge0 ip proto ospf, no result (empty).
    - tcpdump -vvXn -i bge0 host and ! arp
2. on routerb (, do:
    - tcpdump -vvXn -i bge0 ip proto ospf, no result (empty).
    - tcpdump -vvXn -i bge0 host and ! arp and ! proto icmp

Please see the tcpdump second test on pastebin below:


Any other clue please let me know.
Thank you..

Best regards,
David S.
e. david at zeromail.us
w. pnyet.web.id
p. 087881216110

On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 5:43 PM, Ondrej Zajicek <santiago at crfreenet.org>

> On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 10:42:26AM +0700, David S. wrote:
> > Hi Keenan and Ondrej,
> >
> > I already update the configuration as your advice but the still couldn't
> be
> > established, here is the new configuration:
> Hi
> You have 'type broadcast' set on router A while default is used on router B
> (which would be ptp for /30 network).
> But i am not sure if that is the only problem.
> You can try to run tcpdump on bge0 to see if there are Hello packets from
> both routers.
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