OSPF: Route attribute "ospf_tag" lost between different OSPF instances

markus/grundmann markus at grundmann.email
Tue Dec 27 19:38:35 CET 2016


I believe that I'm a user with BIRD experiences but current I have no
idea why the attribute "ospf_tag" from one OSPF instance to another is

In this real life example you can see that I receive a default route
from my ISP that is tagged with "7b". This tag is not visible on the VPN

I use for each VPN network a OSPF instance with some filter rules but
only static routes (Core VPN) with a "ospf_tag" are usable to filter
like "if ospf_tag = xyz then ..."

How can I exchange routes based on a "ospf_tag" between two or more OSPF
router instances?

[Core VPN Router]
BIRD 1.6.0 ready.          via 82.206.X.33 on lagg0 [titan 2016-12-25] * E2 (150/5/10) [7b] [217.173.X.190]

[VPN Client]
BIRD 1.6.0 ready.          via on tun2 [lte 00:28:10] * E1 (150/5) [82.206.X.34]
                   via on tun3 [umts 00:28:11] E1 (150/10) [82.206.X.34]

-- Static-Tagging Works Fine ---

route via 82.206.X.33 { ospf_tag=16170; };

filter openvpn9x16171_export {

        if net = then {
           ospf_metric1 = SEC_M1_VPN;
           ospf_metric2 = SEC_M2_VPN;

	// [...]

        if ospf_tag = 16171 then {   <== WORKS FINE because static route
           ospf_metric1 = SEC_M1_VPN;
           ospf_metric2 = SEC_M2_VPN;


Best regards,

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