Modification to BIRD to support better anycast model

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Tue Jun 10 12:11:06 CEST 2014

On Mon, Jun 09, 2014 at 03:50:40PM -0700, Jay Grizzard wrote:
> Hiiiii bird folks.
> My basic idea right now, in the spirit of "minimum workable footprint,"  
> is to do something like having a route filter tied to a file on disk,  
> where the timestamp on that file is used to determine if the route  
> should be exported... if the file ages beyond a certain point, the route  
> gets filtered.
> My questions for the list, then:
>   - Am I correct that BIRD doesn't currently have any functionality of  
> this type available? I've gone through the manual a couple of times and  
> don't see anything obvious, but I could have missed something.

Yes, you are correct, there is no such functionality.

>   - Assuming it can't, where would be the right place to implement this? 
> Is my guess about using an export filter a reasonable one? Anyone with 
> code familiarity care to comment on any gotchas I might run into while 
> doing this?

No, export filter is not a reasonable place to have it. It is executed
only when the route is propagated through it (and not later) and it
should return the same value unless the route changed.

IMHO best way to implement this would be in the static protocol as
a modifier for a static route. The protocol could periodically check
conditions for originating static routes and acts accordingly.

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