Prefix count limit?

Sergey Popovich popovich_sergei at
Wed Jul 30 13:46:25 CEST 2014

> Hi everyone,


> I got an announcement from my iptransit provider stating the ipv4
> routing table size has now exceeded 500k routes, so I thought lets check
> if bird is able to handle this and actually find out if there are any
> limitations. I could not find it on the website, but if I remember
> correctly the amount of routes is only impacted by the amount of memory
> the bird server has?

BIRD implements FIB using hash tables with maximum number of entries
limited to the power of 'unsigned int' on the target platform (32 bit
on the most targets).

Thus teoretical limit of the FIB in BIRD is 2^32 == 4294967296

On practice BIRD is limited to the amount of virtual memory
available to the process to store routing information.

> Kind regards,
> Tom van Leeuwen

Sergey Popovich

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