bird 1.0.4: Segmentation fault

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at
Fri Dec 29 16:42:38 CET 2000

Hi all.

I just detected a segmentation fault. It is reproducable by doing the
1. start bird with "bird -c /etc/bird/bird.conf -d" on one console. it prints:
--- cut ---
exporting (rip)
exporting (rip)
--- cut ---

2. type "killall bird" on another console

3. bird on first console prints:
--- cut ---
exporting (rip)
Segmentation fault
--- cut ---

That "exporting (rip)" has been added by configuration in cases it exports a
route out of the kernel table to rip protocol (see configuration file for
that, which has been attached to my mail).

I compiled bird 1.0.4 (stable tarball from using 2.95.2.
./configure was started with "--with-protocols=rip,static" afair. Kernel is a
patched 2.2.17, I added the crypto10 and the stealth patches to it. My machine
is an Intel Celeron 466 running with 64 Megs RAM. Distribution is Debian 2.2.

The two routes that exist on the system are: dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src
default via dev eth0

What should I do to track down the bug? 

Bye, Mike
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